Our club’s 2019-2020 accomplishments

Just as each individual Toastmaster member has goals, so too does each club. Here’s what you helped Townsend nail this past year.

President’s Distinguished Club

This is Toastmasters International’s highest recognition. We've achieved the award two years in a row. The criteria, or “club goals” to attaining this award: a mix of members completing Pathways levels, membership stats, officers trained, and administrative items completed.

March Madness

Clubs renewing at least 75% of their base membership by April 15 receive $50 in District 4 credit (our club is in District 4).

Smedley Award and Smedley Stretch Award

Clubs adding 5 or more new, reinstated, or dual members between August 1 and September 30 receive the “Smedley Award” from Toastmasters International. Clubs that add 7 or more new, reinstated, or dual members during that time also receive the “Smedley Stretch” and earn $50 in District credit.

Plan 4 Success 

Clubs that send a copy of their completed Club Success Plan signed by at least four officers and a photo of the team working on the plan by September 16th, receive $50 in District Credit.

We're proud of our accomplishments and invite you to bask in the glow too!

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