International Speech & Evaluation Contest

Contest Chair : Peppe Ragusa
Chief Judge : Roberta Guise
Judges : Melanie, Victoria, Jennifer, Sophia
Timer : Meghan
Ballot Counters : Simon, Scott
Sergeant at Arms : Maria Vargas

International Speech Contest : Jane Guo

Evaluation Contest :  
1. Lindsay Brock  
2. Bernice Lim

10th Anniversary luncheon

Maria, Scott, Jane & Roberta organized our clubs 10 Year Anniversary Luncheon :

Great luncheon today.  Thank you to everyone for attending, including Jane for her great Toastmaster duties; Simon for his intro speech and recognition of all the charter members; Rodney, Aliya, Bernice, and Ping for their wonderful words of reflection and future hopes for the club; and finally, but not least, Scott's great Table Topics idea that had everyone in attendance to participating.  Here's looking to another inspirational 10 years.