Education Awards

Congratulations on Education Awards !

  • Simon Chan (Pathways L1 Innovative Planning)
  • Roberta Guise (Pathways L1 Presentation Mastery)
  • Christopher Chiasson (Competent Communicator)
  • Ping Ho (Advanced Leadership Silver)


  1. Moreover, I trust it's simply not the cash that they are endeavoring to spare while pushing this full-incorporation model forward in light of the fact that what we should attempt spare is our youngsters. Services

  2. Instruction gives us a perpetual canvas. The amount of it we put into utilization is up to us. New fields appear to develop ordinary - parapsychology, molecule material science, noetics, to give some examples. Learning

  3. Grown-ups prepared the youthful of their general public in the information and aptitudes they would need to ace and in the end pass on. columbia university

  4. I all around firmly advocate that instruction ought to be made accessible for any individual who might want to have it, and ought to be given for nothing, for up to one might want to have.
    dhirubhai ambani international school